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Young Adult Ministry

As followers of Jesus in this post-modern world, there are multiple challenges in living out the gospel in our daily lives. Many believers are either ridiculed, silenced, or in some cases, persecuted for their faith. Furthermore, the fear of being cancelled can even make it hard for some to take up their cross.

This faith journey is even more difficult as young adult because there are several transitions within a few years; from studying to National Service (for the males) to tertiary education, working, and for some – dating and marriage.

If you are a Young Adult aged 21-35 years, come join our community of faith as we learn how live a victorious Christian life together.  

The Young Adult meets every Sunday, 11:00 am – 3:30 pm. 

In addition to worship services and bible studies, these are some of the other highlights as we do life together
– Fireside Chats on topics that matter to Young Adults
– Spiritual Retreats
– Young Adult Retreat
– Community Outreach
– Mission Trips
– Youth and Young Adult Lunch on the 1st Sunday of every month

For more information on our Young Adult Ministry, please contact the church office:

6288 1675​​