Zhao Liping, Esther

When I was young , I liked to read story books. Once, my mum bought a Bible for herself even though she was not a Christian. On one occasion, I took it and read Genesis. To me this story was like a one-man show. God created everything in this world. He also gave himself a rest day. I thought it was very funny. But after that, I put the Bible away and never read it again. God was a stranger to me at that time.

During my high school time, I went to visit one of my close friends. She told me that she would not go to a university, but to a bible school, to serve God for the rest of her life. Her dream was to be God’s servant to spread the Gospel. I was shocked. I kept on wondering why my dear friend would think and act in such a way. I went back home with my first Bible, which she gave me.

I came to Singapore in December 2007. My journey to knowing God began here. My friends and I have been richly blessed to have God’s people around, such as our mentors. They always nurture me with the Word of God. I feel grateful to be loved by them and I love them as well. My relationship with God was built gradually. I believed in Jesus and His sacrifices for us. And I prayed to accept Jesus as my Saviour and Lord in February 2008. After that, I attended the Alpha course, where I learnt more about God. Most of my queries were answered through this course. And I am now attending Charis Small Group’s Bible study. It is an enjoyable experience for me.