Rekha D/O Karunanithi

Growing up, I faithfully adhered to the Hindu faith passed down by my parents without questioning. Yet, as I matured, I began to wrestle with some of its rituals and beliefs.

Despite my uncertainties, I was reminded of the ancestral significance of these traditions and their promise of blessings. My marriage endured numerous challenges, and each difficult situation seemed to worsen the strain between my husband and me. Over time, we found ourselves merely going through the motion of family life, feeling distant and disconnected. Eventually, things reached a breaking point, and it seemed as though our marriage was irreparably shattered, with no hope of restoration.

During my darkest moments, I questioned the existence of God and  the injustices in my life. It was during this time that a close Christian friend became a beacon of hope. Through her prayers, I felt the presence of God, leading me to turn to Jesus in prayer. With each heartfelt plea, I began to sense a response, experiencing a newfound connection unlike anything I had felt before.

As I prayed to Jesus in secret, without my husband’s knowledge, a remarkable moment unfolded when he suddenly revealed his calling for the church. It was a profound experience that gave me goosebumps, as I personally witnessed God’s intervention in my life and marriage. It was at that moment that I accepted Christ as my Lord and Saviour.

Now we have started viewing life and marriage through the lens of God’s intended purpose. As we both draw closer to God, we witness how He resolved our issues that seemed beyond repair. I’m filled with immense gratitude towards Jesus for his love and blessings upon my marriage and family.

Through my faith journey, I can sense that the Holy Spirit has progressively shaped my actions, words and thoughts, guiding me along a transformative path. I now feel a profound sense of being watched over, accompanied by feelings of protection, guidance, and support, providing me with a deep sense of reassurance and comfort.