Rathinam Vinoth Robinson

I was born and brought up in a Christian family in India. I believe that God chose me before my birth itself. I am thankful for my mother and father, and that it was through my family that I came to know about the Lord Jesus. However, even though I attended church every Sunday, I didn’t get involved much in church activities. I was just like a Sunday Christian. One day during my university time I joined some of my friends to do ungodly things and was caught by my family members. I was very scared to face my father. That day my father talked to me about the issue and he asked me one question –

“Every week you’re going to church and reading the Bible for what? To do this? How come you’ve done these ungodly things and stand before me?”

He gave me two options:

If you want to continue doing this you can go ahead but don’t go to church.

If you want to go church, don’t do this anymore.

It really hurt me and I tried to come up with a solution to that situation, without any conclusion.

The next day one of my friend’s mother saw me and also asked me the same question – as a believer how can you do this? I replied, telling her “your children were also with me.” Then she told me, “I know, but he is a non-believer. I’m not surprised about him – but you are a believer and going to church regularly how come you joined them and did this?” That day I really struggled, asking why everybody was questioning me and not others?

Then I realized that God had chosen me and separated me from this world, so everybody looks at me differently. From that day onwards, I decided to take up my own cross and walk along with Him.

When I came to Singapore I was very nervous and I didn’t know how I was going to survive. When I sat on the flight, I prayed these words “God, You called me to this country for some purpose. I don’t know Your will but today I am standing alone in this country. You take care of me and one day surely I will fulfill your purposes.” From my first day in Singapore on 22 March 2011 until now, He has done amazing things in my life.

I walked into YCKC because I was staying near Hougang so it was convenient to attend here. I am growing slowly in my spiritual life, step by step, through church services, Tamil fellowship and the Young Adult fellowship, and a small group. Now as I become a YCKC member I hope to serve more.

Today I turn back and see my spiritual journey in Singapore is really amazing. God has blessed me lots and lots – Now I am worshiping in a holy church, I am working in a believer’s company and I am staying in a believer’s house.

How wonderful and blessed it is to have these three blessings! Lord, I have this because of your grace. Thank you Lord!