Joseph Li Jie

Finally, I finished my two years study in the Master of Nursing program! Until the moment I received my certificate, I could hardly believe that I really went through this tough journey! Really, I felt I sacrificed a lot, suffered a lot during these two years of study. And yet, when I reflected, I felt I was blessed more than the suffering and sacrifice. Indeed, these two years were amazing!

Frankly speaking, my motivation to join this program was not strong. However, there seemed no better choice in my career development. So every time my nursing officer asked me about my future plan I would mention that I want to go for further study. Until the day my application was approved and I could start to prepare for the documents required, I still was not sure that I really wanted to do that. So I prayed to God, “Dear God, if this is the way you have chosen for me, let me passed my interview before the program”. God answered my prayer, and He also provides me the support from my dear wife.
However, God did not promise me an easy life. After the first day lesson, I was shocked by the level of knowledge required and started to regret joining this program. However, I could not quit unless I repay the bond which was S$200,000. So I started to pray to God every day for wisdom to study this course. But the study still overwhelmed me. So I told God that I was not capable to study this course, and there was no way for me to complete it. One day, God spoke to me through the battle between David and Goliath (1 Samuel 17). Goliath was a giant, fully equipped with armour, while David only had one sling and five stones. And yet, with the name of God, he could defeat Goliath. So I asked, was my situation worse than King David? Definitely not, the problem was whether I use my own capability or depend on God. After I understood this, I felt better. However, on and off I still complained to God that He should not give me such a stressful life.

However, as though the stress in my life was not enough, God added some more. My daughter was born two weeks earlier than the expected date of birth, after my first month of study. At that time, I was struggling with an important project. And I still needed to take care of my daughter in the hospital, so that my wife could have a good rest. I never forgot that night when I held my daughter in my left hand and used my right hand to do my slides on my laptop. After we went home, my daughter had jaundice and was admitted again to the hospital. So every morning I needed to send breast milk to my baby in hospital and go to NUS for study. I needed to take care of the emotion of my whole family as everyone felt sad for my daughter’s re-admission although it was just jaundice. I also needed to complete my project in the very limit time. I really experienced a very stressful life in that period. However, God did not let me suffer alone. He sent me a helper – my classmate. When he noticed that I was unable to finish my project on time, he offered me help. I finally finished my project.

The past two years were really very stressful for me. But with God’s leadership, it became an amazing two years in my life. When I stood on the stage and received my certificate, my heart was deeply touched by God’s blessing on me.

Thank You, God, for all the things you have done in my life!

Thank You for leading me through step by step!

Thank You for providing me with strong family support – my wife, my parents, and my mother-in-law!

Thank You for providing me wonderful church friends who always included me in their prayer list!

Thank You for providing me friendly classmates who were always encouraging me and helping me in my study!

Thank You Lord!

Thank You for giving me these amazing two years!