Joseph Li Jie

Amanda Jiang (aka Qian Ying) and I were married on 27 Aug 2011, and since that time, we were looking forward to having our own child. For more than two years, we prayed very hard to God for a child and promised that we would teach this child to be God’s servant. But we waited and waited and the child never came. We also underwent medical checks and treatments that included TCM and western medicine and there were no results.

As we see more and more brothers and sisters married after us having their own children, my wife and I became more anxious. Meanwhile, the pressure from my parents also added to our anxiety every time I made phone calls to them. Every month, when my wife’s period comes, she would be very disappointed and sometimes agitated; and she would cry and ask God why her prayer was not granted. For me, I really do not know how to comfort her and the only thing I could do was pray to God.

During every devotion time, I have prayed to God: “dear God, please show mercy to us, and give us a child in Your time and I promise to teach Your way to him and make him your servant!” God gave me this reply, “wait patiently”; so I told my wife that since we have already put this problem to God, we should obey His command and wait patiently.

On the night of Christmas Day (25/12/2013), my wife and I knelt down before God and prayed again before we sleep. Amazingly, that day God sent us a wonderful Christmas gift! On 15 January 2014, my wife told me that her period has delayed for five days. I bought a pregnancy test kit for her and the result showed positive. To confirm, I bought a more accurate test kit and asked her to test again on 16 January 2014, and the result showed “pregnant”! The conception was three weeks ago and it fell on Christmas Day.

Both of us are very happy for the gift of this child and we are happier as God has answered our prayer. My parents are so happy as they finally can look forward to becoming grandparents. We know that our brothers and sisters in church have also prayed very hard for us, so we want to thank all of them!

Thank You, my dear and faithful God! May You bless my child and my wife and grant them both health and peace!