Josephine Yue

Our African trip to visit missionaries in Uganda, Ethiopia and Kenya would have ended beautifully if I had not fallen and ‘sprained’ my left ankle in Ethiopia.

Despite this setback, we have the peace to continue our journey to Kenya. Our merciful and faithful God made sure I received medical attention throughout the ordeal. I fell at the SIM Ethiopian Office. The SIM East African Office shares the same compound and there is a clinic with an in-house doctor, Phil. So my ‘sprain’ was given speedy medical attention. My ankle was wrapped up and cold compress was given to ease the pain. The next day, we flew to Nairobi, Kenya, and stayed at the SIM Guest House. There I met Cristel, a missionary nurse from Germany. She provided new bandage and Ibuprofen to reduce pain and swelling. She checked on me in the morning as well as in the evening to make sure my condition is improving. We visited 3 missionaries in Namanga, a 3-hour drive from Nairobi. Even at that far flung place, I was surprised to meet Sharon, a missionary doctor from Bolivia. Sharon and her family are neighbours to the 3 missionaries we are visiting. She attended to me for the 3 days that I was in Namanga. Then we went back to the SIM Guest House in Nairobi, where we met Gunnar, an intern physiotherapist from America. He advised me to take an X-ray or MRI when I return to Singapore.

I praise and thank God for providing all the assuring medical help from all these caring missionaries in my time of need.

When we arrived back in Singapore and had an X-ray taken, I found out that it was a fracture of the fibula bone. With the fracture, my movements became limited. I was told I do not need a cast but to use crutches to move around. However, after one week, I was asked to see the orthopedic doctor who recommended an aircast for my leg foot. With the aircast I could walk with both legs with the help of a walking stick.  But for long distance, I would use the wheelchair.

I have learnt much from my injury. Praise the Lord!

  1. My injury will not be wasted if I believe God allowed it for a purpose.
  2. My injury will not be wasted if I could seek comfort in God, knowing that He is always with me.
  3. My injury will not be wasted if I spent my medical leave reading more about God through the Bible and Christian literature.
  4. My injury will not be wasted if I spent my medical leave praying for the church and missions.
  5. My injury will not be wasted if I have learnt how to empathize and pray for those who are immobile for a short period or for life.
  6. My injury will not be wasted if my attitude towards my injury has brought glory to our Almighty God
  7. My injury will not be wasted if I could use my injury as a mean to witness for God.
  8. My injury will not be wasted if I have learnt to appreciate my spouse more for his love and care as I went through the healing process.

“The Lord is good to those whose hope is in Him, to the one who seeks Him.” (Lamentations 3:25)

I thank God for all who prayed for me, visited me and encouraged me in my healing journey. May God help me to glorify Him through this incident.