Kon Yi Ru, Derica

I was brought up in a Christian household but I really wanted to know God when I was in primary school. But, during my late primary school days and early secondary school days, I didn’t have a regular routine in going to church. However, something changed halfway in secondary school and I thank God that I had the urge to go back to church more regularly.

I know that it was my faith and not my parents’ when I wanted to really know more about God and seek Him more in my life. God is real and it is evident to me in His creation and through the Bible as all Scripture is inspired by God. To receive Christ means (to me) to really accept Him as Lord and Saviour, surrendering to God all of my life, seeking to glorify Him day by day (and to even die for Christ). I repent of my sins and I want to change for God. I know that Christ has broken my chains of sins and that He is the only true way to salvation!

Through my years till now in polytechnic, I can really see God’s work in my life as He has shown me His love and grace for me despite all my sins. In my ups and downs, God was there for me and He showed me His love through the people around me such as my family and friends who were there to support me in my journey with God.

It is a process and it is a life-long journey with Christ. As I grow closer to God and learn more about Him in church and even through my life experiences, my passion for Him does increase and I yearn more for God daily. I pray that God will continue to transform me day by day. I find myself wanting to glorify God in all that I do, even in my school life and at home as well. Recently, I have been wanting to serve more in church and to share the Good News to others so I invited my friend to one of the workshops that we had (Build Up Your Core). I also had more discussions about faith and Christianity with my Christian friends and it was those type of conversations that was truly refreshing for me.

Another great reminder for me is that no matter what I do, I know that I cannot earn any favour with God and that all that He has given me are His blessings out of His grace (which is not a legalistic mindset). It is only by grace through faith that I am saved and I feel relieved knowing that I have a God who is sovereign over all things and who is also a loving Father who cares deeply for me. Through all things, I am leaning on Him for strength and true rest.