Damian Caroline Cablayan

I grew up in a Catholic home. I was taught to pray, love my neighbour, and live an honest life. My parents started taking me to church around first grade.

My parents started taking me to church around first grade, but I didn’t really understand what was going on. I knew that I was supposed to go to church and pray. I didn’t have any sense that God was an actual person that I could communicate with.

Becoming a Christian has brought immense joy, purpose and fulfilment into my life. It has provided me with a strong moral compass and a sense of belonging to something greater than myself.

Though my journey has had its challenges, I am grateful for the love and grace that has guided me along the way.

Since accepting Jesus as my Saviour, I have experienced his faithfulness in countless ways. He has been my rock in times of trouble, my light in moments of darkness and my constant companion in this journey of faith.

Knowing God through Jesus Christ has brought me joy, peace, and a renewed sense of purpose. He has not only saved me, but also given me a reason to live each day with gratitude and hope.