Chor Mei Len, Mylene

God drew me to Him through my husband’s (Khee Yang) illness. On the day that we received news of Khee Yang’s second relapse of nose cancer, anguish and helplessness crept into my life for yet another time. I cried out to God for help. He drew me to Him.Jesus walked with me throughout the difficult period of Khee Yang’s illness, He gave me strength, courage and peace. When Khee Yang was undergoing a 6-hour surgery in the operating theatre, I was calm and at peace. 

As a very new Christian, I did not understand why I could be so. Why wasn’t I anxious and a nervous wreck? I texted my Christian friend. She told me that Jesus was enveloping my mind and soul with His peace that transcends all understanding. I am so thankful to Jesus – He replaced my fear with His peace. And He has been merciful and gracious.

Khee Yang and I sought to learn more about God. We read the bible and Christian related articles, listened to podcasts and talked to Christian friends. We attended church at YCKC. We learnt of God’s amazing traits, His commandments, promises and wise teachings.

My life started to change. Changes in my attitudes and perspectives of worldly matters. A new awareness of sin. A desire to spend time reading the Bible and spend quiet time with God. Attending church at YCKC. Fellowship with my wonderful small group. Sharing the gospel with non-believing relatives and friends when opportunities arise. Inner peace.

I am still an infant in my Christian faith. There’s much growing and learning to do. My upcoming baptism publicly signifies my step of obedience to Jesus. I give Him eternal praise, thanks and glory!