Chor Khee Yang

I was an atheist before I became a Christian.  I had a successful career and a wonderful family. I was contented with life. But my life was shattered when I was diagnosed with nasopharyngeal cancer in 2011. I suffered two relapses, the first in 2016 and the second in 2019. After the first relapse, I retired in 2017 to spend more time with the family and to have a relaxing life. The illness plunged my life into uncertainty and my concern was whether the cancer would come back again and how long I would live. To God be all the glory!

My wife, Mylene and I were distraught when I was diagnosed with the second relapse in August 2019. In our desperation, we turned to God to save me. We prayed to God to be merciful. God answered our prayers when the scan showed that the relapse was at an early stage and could be treated by endoscopic surgery alone. Weng Kiong and Yong Choo also visited us and shared with us the Christian faith and God’s saving grace. After that, we started to attend Yio Chu Kang Chapel to know more about Christ and to strengthen our faith.

After I became a Christian and as I learn more and more about Jesus’ teachings, I have become more Christ-like in my thoughts, words and actions so as to bear the fruits of the Spirit. I am now more conscious of my sins which I will repent of and seek God’s forgiveness. I now find purpose in life which is to glorify God and enjoy the fellowship with Jesus. Whenever there is opportunity, I will share the good news of the Gospel with non-believers. The uncertainty of my cancer recurring does not burden me as much as before when I focus on Jesus. His love for me and my belief of His promise of eternal life gives me hope. And I find joy in the fellowship with my wonderful small group and I look forward to the sermon every Sunday.

To God be all the glory!