Yeap Hui Ming, Crystal

I’ve identified as a Christian for as long as I can remember. In the beginning, it was a weekly routine to go to church to sing and learn about God. I did not understand the whole meaning of being a Christian back then and saw it as a weekend school. As I grew older, I started to prioritize my worldly desires over God, spending more time and money on things other than God. Eventually, it started to feel like a chore to go to church or to do devotions. Forgetting to include God in my life, there were many ups and downs in my life. I felt helpless during difficult times, so I always turned to God during such times. However, when things got better, I forgot about God again and again.

Recently the topic of baptism left me hesitant as I thought that baptism was for people who are truly stable with God. I even thought that I might not need God in my life. But a voice spoke to me stating that I cannot do without God and immediately after that, I realized that every single time something terrible happens to me, the first person I turn to is not my family members nor friends but God. I am dependent on God because I am weak, but with God, I am strong. I also learned that baptism is an act of public declaration to confess our faith, belief and commit to the Lord, and therefore I have decided to be baptized.