Jiang Qian Ying

I came to Singapore in September 2006 to study nursing at Nanyang Polytechnic. When I was in China I had no religion; none of my family members are Christians. In my home town, I seldom heard about God, except one day when my neighbour, an old aunt shared the gospel with me.

At that time, I didn’t understand why that aunt so faithfully trusted in God. Is there a real God? I didn’t know. Despite that, I still prayed when I had any personal problems, like the aunt told me to. I just prayed, but I did not know who I was praying to, it was just an unknown “God”.

When I came to Singapore, many mentors from the church took care of us and shared the gospel about Jesus.

I attended the Alpha Course and learnt more about God, who He is, what is sin, and who is the Holy Spirit. Then I opened my heart and started seeking God. On Sunday, 22 July 2007 before the church service, our mentor Shirley talked with me, asking me how I felt about Jesus. I said I will believe in God, but I am not so sure yet. She said why not receive His salvation as early as possible, you are so blessed by our God, He loves you! So we prayed together, and I invited Jesus to come. I had peace and joy, He removed all the sadness, pain, and anxiety, and He gives me peace and love. I am so glad to live this Christian life in our Lord, although I know it is not easy. Sometimes, I am weak and easily fall into sin, but I choose to be a Christian and trust and obey God, let Him cleanse me, and I will persevere on to walk in His way, and know that God is always in me!

After I became a Christian, I always have peace, I am not so worried about anything, because I know God is in control. For everything I pray to God and He will help me.