Vicknesh Naidu s/o Nagaraja

In 2023, I encountered a difficult period in my life. Feeling utterly lost as my marriage teetered on the brink, I sought guidance from a higher power. Despite being raised Hindu, it seemed as though my appeals were falling on deaf ears.

Then, on one fateful day, I found myself alone at home, tuning into Christian broadcasts on television. As I watched, I couldn’t ignore the messages about overcoming adversity through faith in Jesus Christ, despite my prior reservations. A compelling inner voice urged me to kneel and pray, growing stronger with each attempt to resist.

Finally giving in to that persistent voice, I sank to my knees and poured out my heart in prayer. Yet, as I prayed, I sensed a malevolent presence pacing outside my door, as if attempting to obstruct my connection with the divine. Despite this, a profound sense of relief washed over me after the prayer, and I felt led by a guiding force to explore the teachings of the Bible, particularly those concerning spiritual warfare.

Over time, my understanding of Jesus deepened, and I began to feel His presence each time I prayed. This newfound faith brought about a remarkable transformation in my relationships with my family. We grew closer, and our bonds strengthened immeasurably. Despite being tempted by sin, I now place my trust in Jesus Christ, my Lord and Saviour, knowing that he will always lead me on the right path. I’m willing to kneel for him anytime.