Koh Kai Qi, Joyce

I was born into a Christian family. Growing up, attending Sunday school was a weekly routine of worship, sermon, group discussions, then back home. One week passes, and then its Sunday again. Seeing my friends was primarily the reason that I looked forward to church.  As I grew older, I don’t deny that the same weekly routine happened. Hearing the sermon was like ‘1 in, 1 out’.

“Why do I even come to church? Did I learn anything?” were the questions I asked myself back in my secondary school days. Since then, I began listening more attentively and trying to apply the things that  I’ve learnt from youth. There wasn’t a particular day/occasion when I encountered Jesus. It was a slow build-up during the years – discovering who He really is, experiencing His great love and learning to trust and surrender the good and bad encounters to God.

I accept and believe that it is only Jesus Christ, nobody else, who died on the cross for us and rose again. It is because of His grace, we have been saved. I thank God for giving me supportive brothers and sisters who have been part of this journey, and I am excited to see His plan continue to be revealed! It will definitely not be an easy journey, but I’m assured that our Lord is with me in every aspect of my life.