Qin Ting

I am one of many PRC nursing students studying at Nanyang Polytechnic. On 27 Dec ‘05, we arrived in Singapore and three days later, met our mentors from YCK Chapel.

Once I was a free-thinker and did not believe in the existence of God. I thought I was a good person as I did not steal things or kill anyone, although sometimes I did tell some small lies. Yet I did not consider myself a sinner.

I used to be a hot-tempered and self-righteous person. But spending time alone with my mentors helped me to see and feel the love of God. Subconsciously, I was being changed by God. I learnt to be humble and patient from my mentors.

Our mentors opened their lives to us; they helped to familiarize us with all types of places in Singapore. They cooked for us, bought things for us and even brought us out for fun. Our mentors sacrificed their Saturdays to help us learn and speak English at the “English Corner”. Because of their patience, our English could improve so fast. It was a big surprise that our mentors even celebrated our birthdays! For me, it was my first birthday party and cake!

Our mentors’ consistent love touched my heart. I started to wonder how could they do it. I believed that humans couldn’t do it! Finally, I knew that behind my mentors’ love is Jesus, the King of Love. So in June 2006, I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Saviour and Lord.

Jesus saved me from my sins and His people in YCKC gave me a home in Singapore. Attending Alpha course and joining Doulos care-cell not only reassured my salvation, strengthened my faith, but also helped me make a lot of new friends. They cared about my spiritual life as well as all aspects of my life in Singapore. When I faced problems, they were there to listen to me and help me. Every Monday, I look forward to Sunday to see my friends. It is a great joy for me to be together with them.

While here, I did not forget my family members. I prayed very hard for their salvation. In Mar ‘07, I went back to my hometown. My dad was suffering from a stroke. At that time, we did not have enough money and we were worried about it. But our Faithful Father knew what we needed. One of my mentors went to visit me during my father’s hospitalization, and kindly provided the money for us. Through her sharing and guidance, two of my sisters accepted the Lord as their personal Saviour and Lord!

It is so amazing that I could be here to taste the goodness of God’s love. I treat YCKC as my family in Singapore. I would like to follow Jesus to obey Him, and I am very happy to be a member of the community in YCKC to spread the love I’ve received.