Mdm Shirley Zhao Shao Hua

I came from China and I had no religion, before I became a Christian. I lived and judged my life according to the standards of this world. But I often wondered why there are so many unfair things happening all around the world. One day, I lost my job in Singapore. This crisis in my life jolted me and made me think more seriously about the purpose of life.

Although I had read many books and thought deeply about many issues in life, I could not find any satisfactory answer. Finally, in anguish, I cried inside my heart and asked if there was someone out there who could show me the way? The very day after I prayed, I attended a job interview and a copy of “Daily Bread” at the interview table caught my attention. I took it as a clear sign that there is a God and He could be found in a church.

So from that year, 2000, I started attending church. I finally came to YCK Chapel in 2001, where I began to attend Bible class and search the Bible for answers. Sister Har Lee shared the gospel with me one day, but I did not make any immediate decision as I still struggled with the existence of God. I went away to US for two months and when I returned, I told Har Lee that I wanted to be baptized. She again explained to me my need to be born again and become a child of God before I could take that step. I did and prayed to receive Christ in September 2002.

God has shown me that He is still alive and He hears me when I speak to Him. He also lets me know that He understands my pain. But it has taken me years to come to this point and to understand the claims of Christ, before I finally committed my life to Him. I have been growing in my faith through personal follow-up, Bible study (I attended 6 months of BSF) and am now very convinced that Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. I am ready to be baptized today, because I have found joy in walking with my Lord Jesus Christ.  Now 13 years have passed by, He has showed Himself even more clearly to me that He is alive, and He is the way, the Truth and the Life!