Zheng Shuaihua, Simon

I used to be an atheist and I believed only in science and logic. Who is God? Is it true that a God exists? I used to think that God may just be a man-made concept. If you believe, He exists in your heart; if not, He does not exist.

I spent a period of time searching and attended the Alpha Course in 2009. I studied the Bible, had discussions with the mentors and they shared with me about God. I also begin to find that God answered my prayers.

On the 2nd lesson of Alpha, on 14 July 2009, I realised that I needed to take the step of faith to receive him, to be able to understand and experience God. I prayed and received Christ that day. Finally, I found that His existence is not dependent on what you and I think. He is real. He loves all human beings. I know I am a sinful man and only He can give me peace. He forgave my sins. He has helped me to have better self control and not get angry easily. He brings good things to me, so I would like to submit my whole life to Him.

My life changed a lot. I have more peace and confidence and can better manage my daily life, work and studies, and especially my relationship. When I am caught in difficult situations, I often pray to Him. When I argue with my girlfriend, I often open the Bible to find the right way to solve our problem. Through Sunday sermons, I also learn how to build a healthy family. My favourite verse is from 1 Corinthians 13:4-7 that teaches me how to love.

I am willing to receive Jesus Christ as my Saviour. I will always praise the Lord, obey Him, put His words into actions, encourage others and make disciples.