Koh Ying Xi, Alvin

Before I came to know Christ, I used to believe that I need to do good deeds so that in my afterlife I might not have to suffer too much or my penalty could be reduced. But I had no idea where I would be in the afterlife, and I had this hidden fear in me.I came to trust in Jesus during an altar call and I felt the presence of God in the church. He opened my eyes to show me that I needed to repent from my sins and the way I used to live my life. 

In His great mercy and grace He forgave me. All these came from listening to sermons, reading the Bible and understanding the Word of God.After I received Christ, my journey with God began. He showed me that there is no shortcut in Christ and it is a lifelong journey of learning, fearing Him and obeying His words. I found peace in my heart even when I went through difficult moments at home and at work. And I no longer treat people the same way they treat me, but treat them how God has treated me, with love, grace and mercy.