In YCK Chapel, we take discipleship@home seriously. We believe it is the responsibility of parents (and not the Sunday School) to raise their children according to God’s Design for life.

We seek to equip every parent with biblical parenting principles based on Deut 6:4-9:

Parent Support Group

To encourage parents to be the primary educators and disciplers of their own children based on the scriptural injunction in Deuteronomy 6:4-9, a platform to facilitate regular meetings for sharing, teaching and praying was started for parents of children under 12. The Parent Support Group (PSG) was launched in February 2016.

Lessons on Sexuality, Marriage & Family

We partner with the Children Ministry to help parents and children to understand God’s design for healthy sexuality, marriage and family life.

Special lessons are rolled out every year, beginning from 2015, to teach God’s Design to children in Primary 3-5 of our Children Ministry. Lessons are tailored to be age-appropriate and taught in age and gender-specific groups by same gender teachers.

Parenting Courses

The Family Life Ministry will collaborate with our parents or any ministry to run on a need basis, the Alpha Parenting Courses for parents /care-givers of children ages 0-10 and parents of teenagers.


For more information on the courses and our Family Life Ministry, please contact Adrian Ow at: