Marriage Discipleship

“We don’t often think of marriage in this way —as a discipleship rather than fellowship issue. In fact, many of our churches are organized in a way that constantly breaks couples up along gender lines to help them grow. I believe that men’s and women’s ministries are vital to helping people grow due to the level of accountability they can generate, but we are missing a huge piece of the puzzle if we don’t do anything to help couples see their marriages as part of their spiritual journeys.”

Connecting Marriage to Your Discipleship Process

We want to encourage Christian couples to journey with their Christian spouses as their primary Spiritual Partners. It is therefore our desire to facilitate and equip our married couples to take care of their own marriage and also their devotional walk with God.

We will actively encourage longer-married married couples to walk alongside newly-married couples in Marriage Discipleship Groups.

The 4-fold role of a Marriage Discipleship Group (MDG) are:

  • Growing Relational Intimacy (Authenticity)
  • Growing Discipleship Journey (Intentionality)
  • Developing Healthy Support Network (Accountability)
  • Blessing Other Marriages (Missional goal)

Marriage Courses

The Family Life Ministry runs, on a need basis, the Alpha Marriage Course for couples who are newly married to couples married for many years.

We also run Marriage Enrichment programs to equip couples, especially Marriage Mentors, with skills and resources to walk alongside other younger/newer married couples.

Alpha Marriage Course

Marriage Enrichment Workshops


For more information on the courses and our Family Life Ministry, please contact Adrian Ow at: