Lim Beng Khuan, Christine

I became a Christian when I was about 11 years old. I was very involved in the Christian ministry in my JC and undergraduate days. Although I knew the Word and the Lord, I didn’t realise that my personal experience of the Lord was really not deep. But He brought me through some very difficult personal experiences and through those times I spent with Him, He helped me understand some parts of Scripture in a fresh light. For example, appreciating that I can worship Him by being still and quiet before Him.

The Lord is reminding me again and again that He is totally involved in every aspect of my life, that I can trust Him fully. I am also encouraged and invited to know Jesus more and more and to really understand what serving God means, through Jesus’ example.

I’m thankful for how YCK Chapel has provided prayer support, Christian fellowship, and learning the Word of God together.