Yeap Hui Wen, Christine

I was born in a Christian family and came to know about the Lord since young. As I grew up, I met new people and made new friends, however, I did not maintain each relationship long, as I am an introvert who tends to stay in my comfort zone. Before I knew it, not only did I distance myself from the people around me but I had also built up a wall around me away from God. As much as I enjoy having my personal space, I often felt lonely and empty,  I also tended to worry about things beyond  my control. All the negative thoughts and emotions slowly piled up along with stress from school was taking a toll on me.

However, I did not turn to God for help, I was ashamed to face Him because I felt like a disappointment. At that time my mentor reached out to me and helped guide me back to God, and my relationship with others also improved. Later I was having a conversation with my peers about baptism and I hesitated to be baptized because I felt that I was unworthy of it. I was nowhere near the perfect self which I envision. They then told me that there was no rule in the Bible that one needs to be perfect to be baptized and that all people sin. At that moment I decided to break down the barrier I had placed between myself and God.

Currently, I am trying to make it a habit to rely on God every day. I do still worry from time to time but I remind myself to seek the Lord for a peaceful mind, and by doing that I am able to find rest in the presence of God.