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Women’s Prayer Ministry

Journey to Wholeness

The Purpose: to provide a safe and supportive environment for women, at different stages of life,
facing various struggles and challenges, and in need of ministry and prayer.

Who may come?

Women who want to pray for women and women who need prayer.

When & Where?

Usually once a month on the 3rd week. Those who wish to come,
please contact the church to check the schedule and venue.

What do we do?

We often begin with a time of worship and devotion although the focus is on prayer and ministry to women with needs.

Some Guidelines for the Small Group

• We uphold confidentiality as our intention is to create a safe environment
for open and honest sharing and all that is shared must remain within the group.
• Each woman is encouraged to speak for herself and not for another person.
• Each woman must respect the other person who is sharing, without interrupting or hogging the time.
• We discourage judgemental attitudes and behaviour.
• We do not coerce anyone who is uncomfortable to share or does not wish to share.
• We discourage others in the group to ask questions when a person is sharing.
Only the facilitator can ask questions to the one sharing, in order to clarify.
• The individual who shares is encouraged to pray for herself after her sharing but this is subject to the person’s comfort.
The facilitator will always pray for the individuals in the group, right after each person shares.

Contact Details:
For enquiries, please contact church office: 62881675 or email at