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When Facts and Faith Meet

By 11 April 2023No Comments

As Christians, one of our fundamental beliefs is Jesus’ birth, death and resurrection. If anyone could prove that any of these were untrue and did not really happen, the foundation of Christianity would collapse and we as Christians would have lived in vain.

Thanks be to God; the truth is as solid as a rock. As such, Jesus Christ’s triumph over death is the most significant gift from God to all mankind. Our questions about His authority, authenticity, and sovereignty were all proven because He has risen! Hallelujah!

One may question His claim as the Creator of the heavens and the earth as there was no one to witness it. One may also have doubts over His authority and power over nature, demons and sickness. Like the wise men and sorcerers of Egypt in Exodus, some may believe that their gods could also replicate it.

However, Jesus’ resurrection and appearance to about 500 men and others, over a period of 40 days is unheard of from any other religious claims. The plan to bribe the Roman guards to give a statement that Jesus’ body was stolen by his disciples was unsustainable (Matthew 28:11–15). There were far too many loopholes in such a theory. Because of the witness of the 500 and others, the living Gospel spread rapidly.

Jesus prophesied His resurrection. He fulfilled His prophesy. The number of witnesses to His resurrection over the 40-day period was so compelling that till this day no one has successfully proven otherwise.

Some might say it was Jesus’ disciples who cleverly orchestrated the plan. In order to do that, the disciples needed to convince a large network of people to be involved to conceive, contain and execute the plan down to the smallest detail.

But Jesus’ disciples had no interest in any such thing. On the contrary – they were so defeated in spirit; they did not believe any eye-witness account of Jesus’ resurrection at first!

The women had the privilege of being the first to discover Jesus’ resurrection (Matthew 29:9). The disciples did not accept the women’s claims, perhaps thinking that the women refused to accept Jesus’ death because of their close affection for Him. Refusing to accept the women’s explanation, the disciples ran to the tomb and witnessed it with their own eyes.

Two of the disciples on the road to Emmaus also failed to believe that Jesus had indeed resurrected (Luke 24:13-16), until their eyes were opened to recognize that the person in their home was Christ, the son of God.

The disciples needed to see the resurrected Jesus with their own eyes so that they could accept the truth. Jesus greeted the ten disciples (John 20:19, 20, 24) in a home behind a locked door and showed them the wounds in his hands and body.

Even with the eye-witnesses of his fellow disciples, Thomas refused to accept their testimonies. Jesus in His merciful kindness and grace, then not only showed himself to Thomas, but also asked him to physically touch his wounds (John 20:26 – 28).

How should I respond to such good news about Jesus’ triumph over death?

I can only give thanks unceasingly as it strengthens my belief in Christ. He gives me no excuse or any claims that He is not God.

He is the Maker of the Heavens and the Earth.

He is the First and the Last.

He is the truth, the way and the life.

He is the resurrection and the life.

Facts help me to leap in Faith with confidence.

When facts and faith meet, a new life is birthed.

Because of that, I choose to believe in Him and remain in Him.

How will you respond to this good news?

By Assistant Pastor Serin Chng