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Leong Chee Lu• Timely Word •

The Teacher Has Come and Calls for You

By 16 December 2022No Comments


Lazarus has died. Mary and Martha were grieving for their dead brother. Mary particularly refused to be comforted. She was perplexed as to why Jesus had not come earlier.

Martha went out half-way to meet Jesus, but not Mary. The Lord particularly understood Mary’s agony. Martha was comforted that Lazarus would be resurrected again. With this mind-boggling assurance she returned and told Mary.

“The teacher has come and calls for you”. As His sheep let us listen to His voice (John 10:27).

Indeed, our God has come and calls us too. (John 11:28): –

(a)He has come and calls us to take up our cross and follow him

(b)He has come and calls us to enter His Rest (Heb 4:3) and Peace (John 19:19, 21) what we need most in this broken world is soul rest and peace

(c)He has come to send us out as His ambassadors for His spiritual kingdom (John 20:21)

The response of Mary? Mary got up quickly and went. She has found the only answer that satisfies all our “whys” that can give our messed-up and broken world a fresh beginning. “My presence will go with you and I will give you rest”. (Exodus 33:14)

By brother Leong Chee Lu