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The Power of Kindness

By 12 January 2020January 16th, 2020No Comments

Recently, I read a book entitled “Kindness Quotient” which I borrowed from the National Library. This book motivated me to look into the Word for biblical stories on kindness and what I can learn from them.

The stories of Jesus overflow with acts of kindness. We have much to learn from Him, our Master Teacher. Below are some examples.

The Power of a Touch. Matthew 8:1-4

One day when Jesus came down from the mountainside, a man with leprosy came and knelt before Him, seeking healing from Him. Without hesitation, Jesus reached out His hand to touch the man and he was healed. This one touch meant so much to the leper. Back in those days lepers were outcasts and no one in the right frame of mind would touch the untouchable; but Jesus broke all laws and boundaries set by the Jewish society. Through the kindness of Jesus he could “Be clean”.

Many people in our society are longing for a touch from us and may God help us to be aware of who they are and reach out to them with a touch of kindness. In one touch, we could positively change someone’s outlook about life.

The Power of Acceptance. Luke 19:1-10

Back in Jesus’ days, tax collectors were hired by the Romans and were considered enemies of the Jews. They were considered sinners and despised by everyone because they collected extra tax and kept the money for themselves. So Zacchaeus, a tax collector was a reject in society, longing for someone to show him love and attention. When Jesus saw him looking down from the tree, He looked up and said to him, “Zacchaeus, come down immediately. I must stay at your house today.” Zacchaeus felt so good that Jesus accepted him for who he was that he decided to turn from his sinful way – he decided to give half his possession to the poor and to return four times the amount if he had cheated anybody of anything.

Many people in our society are longing for acceptance from us and may God help us to reach out to them and bring hope to their lives. We are glad that our church has started the S3P shelter in our basement. As Christians we are sending out a strong signal to the homeless that we love and accept them and we want to help them out of their dire state.

The Power of Compassion. Luke 8:45-48

In this story, a woman who was bleeding for 12 years was healed when she touched the edge of Jesus’ cloak. She came forward trembling and fell at Jesus’ feet when He asked who touched him. Jesus responded in kindness and addressed her as “daughter” – a term of endearment and  a way to say that it was okay that she reached out to Him to receive healing power.

Many people in our society need our kindness and compassion and may God help us to be bold and courageous in showing kindness to those who are suffering and with no one to turn to.

In these three stories, we see the power of kindness and its impact       on three lives. Let us follow Jesus’ example, let us show kindness to someone today or look out for opportunities to show kindness until it becomes a habit in our lives.

By Josephine Yue (YCKC Bulletin 12 January 2020)