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The Grain, the Speck and the Log

By 3 December 2022No Comments

I do not know how it got in as my spectacles are quite big, but something landed on my left eye. It was not painful but I could feel something was there. So, I checked with a mirror. Indeed, a little grain was visible! I tried to flush it out, but it was lodged in.

My eye started tearing, I quickly went to the clinic, praying that it could be removed. Upon seeing the grain, the doctor said he would try but if he could not, I would need to go to a hospital. Praise God, the doctor succeeded after a few tries.

The next day, I was really amused when my quiet time reading was on Luke 6:41-42 – The Parable of the Speck and the Log. As I mulled over this ‘coincidence’ for the next few days, it dawned upon me that this was a “live” illustration for me to learn a lesson.

Having something stuck in my eye might potentially cause blindness if I did not immediately act on it. I was spared about physical damage to my eye but more importantly I was alerted to a spiritual blindness of mine. All this while there was a log in my spiritual eye. And it had been there for way too long.

My spiritual vision was getting hazy and darker as I saw or assumed the worst of people, things and situations. My spiritual heart was getting colder. And much to my shame and remorse, at times I even wished the worst for people, things and situations.

I could only see the “speck” in things, situations and people, but it did not occur to me that I had a log in my eye. What I saw in others was actually a projection of what was in me. I was blinded by my own sin and it festered and consumed me. I saw ugliness in others but I did not recognize that it was me – my struggle, my insecurities, my neediness. The wretched sinner that sorely needed awakening, repentance and deliverance was not others, but me.

My spiritual vision was so damaged that I needed a physical grain to be lodged into my physical eye to realize there was a log in my spiritual eye.

I felt tormented and grieved deeply upon the realization of my sin of pride, arrogance and self-righteousness. I sought the support of prayers from friends. One asked me to read Psalm 40. God in His great mercy eased the condemnation and damnation of sin through His beautiful promises in this psalm.

  • He has brought us out of the pit of destruction and mud. (Ps 40:2, NASB 2020)
  • He will not withhold His compassion, mercy and truth and will continually watch over us. (v11, NASB 2020)
  • His joy and gladness are for all who seek Him. (v16, ESV)
  • He is our Help and Deliverer. (v17, ESV)

As I read this psalm over and over again in different versions, His promises came alive, ushering in healing and liberation. My turmoil of guilt and condemnation turned to jubilation and celebration of Ps 40:16c –

Great is the Lord! (ESV)

The Lord be exalted! (NASB 2020)

The Lord is wonderful! (CEV)

The Lord be magnified! (KJV)

How great and glorious is our God! (TPT)

May the Lord be praised! (NET)

Indeed, great is our Lord and greatly to be praised!

By sister Amy Ong