We are meeting Online and Onsite for worship every weekend!

Dear YCK Chapel members and visitors,

We are currently meeting online as ‘Online House Churches’, as well as onsite for church services.

What does this look like?

Small Groups will meet as ‘online house churches’ on Saturdays or Sundays, with members connecting via video-conferencing (such as Zoom) to worship, pray, partake in the Holy Communion and share reflections on the weekly sermon. Members of house churches also meet for meal fellowships from time to time. We warmly welcome you to join us in our House Churches.

We also have onsite church services held in church on Sundays, 11.00am – 12.15pm. Please note that due to safe distancing measures at the onsite service, we are currently keeping to a maximum of 100 persons in the church service. In addition, the worship-in-songs are pre-recorded and attendees are not allowed to sing. The onsite service is meant mainly for those who have difficulty using video-conferencing, as well as visitors to the church. Due to the limited capacity, pre-registration is required to attend the onsite service.

If you would like to attend the onsite service, or if you’d like to join one of the SGs for online house church, please fill in this online form or contact the church office (message 9272 7655 or call 62881675)

Do continue to pray for the many who are suffering from the virus and its impact. May the Lord strengthen us and lead the Church to become a beacon of love, joy and hope in this challenging season!

Together in Christ,
Yio Chu Kang Chapel Council