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My Jesus, I Love You…

By 11 March 2022No Comments

We are in the season of Lent, 40 days before the suffering and death of Jesus Christ. As I was meditating on Jesus and His death on the cross, I remembered an old hymn that vividly portrays my Saviour’s love for me:

They bound the hands of Jesus
in the garden where he prayed,

They led Him through the streets in shame,

They spat upon the Saviour who
did not for mercy cry,

They said, ‘crucify Him, He’s to blame’!

He could have called 10,000 angels

To destroy the world and set Him free,

But He died alone, for you and me.


Jesus easily could have called forth help from heaven and it would have come to Him readily because He is God! But He did not. He remained on the cross and ‘died alone for you and me’!

An ancient and a contemporary hymn, both declare two amazing truths. The hymn writer of Beneath the Cross of Jesus, declared:

Two wonders I confess:

The wonder of redeeming love

And my unworthiness!

The contemporary hymn writer of My Worth is Not in what I Own, also made two confessions:

Two wonders here that I confess, my worth and my unworthiness!

Both writers were transfixed on Jesus at the cross! Both saw His great love for us, unworthy people. At the same time the death of Jesus also secured our true identity and gave us worth! What amazing grace was demonstrated at the cross!

I can only find one response to my Lord’s death for me which again is expressed by a hymn:

My Jesus I love Thee

I know Thou art mine,

For Thee all the follies of sin I resign…

If ever I loved Thee,

My Jesus ‘tis now!


By sister Violet James