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Life on Life Disciple-Making Conversation

By 25 July 2022August 26th, 2022No Comments

It is a platform to gather all Disciple-Makers and Disciples.

It is a time of realignment, encouragement and to build up one another.

We will share stories of our discipleship journey.

Testimonies and discipleship skills will be shared.

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Faithful to the End

| David Yap, • Sermon • | No Comments
SCRIPTURE: Hebrews 3:14 & 12:1-3 SERIES: Topical SPEAKER: Ps David LT Yap

Experiencing Christ as we journey with one another

| Simon Zhang, • Timely Word • | No Comments
Discipleship and Mission are not far from us. Reflecting on some of the tools YCKC has adopted to facilitate discipleship and missional outreach, I have found them meaningful and impactful…

Theology of Worship II

| Ronald Wong, • Sermon • | No Comments
SCRIPTURE: Topical SERIES: Topical SPEAKER: Ronald Wong
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