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Let’s put a ring on it

By 14 April 2022No Comments

Easter is the day we celebrate Jesus: The life He led, His death on the cross to pay for the price of our failings, our brokenness, and our rebellion against God. The price He paid on the cross did not just pay for one person’s sin, but, the sins of the world (past, present, and future). This was not just any payment. This was the blood of God’s own beloved son. The perfect, sinless, sacrifice.

You see, the price of sin demanded a high price. Bulls and lamb were used in the past, but that was inadequate. We would keep sinning, and the payment would need to keep being made, over and over and over. Jesus did not need to, but he chose to lay down his life as a ransom for us. To redeem us. And only his blood payment on the cross was powerful enough to pay for the sins of everyone in the world. This payment is made available to you and me, but we need to receive it in our hearts.

Jesus died, but He did not remain dead. He defeated death and rose from the grave three days later! This, is why we celebrate Easter (Resurrection Sunday), to remind us, forgetful people, that Jesus loves us so much that he came to personally save us. To remind ourselves that Satan no longer has a hold over us, he cannot scare us with the pain of death, nor can he threaten us with separation from God. Jesus defeated Satan’s claim over us! Is this not worth celebrating, year after year? Is this not worth singing and shouting about? Hallelujah (means: Praise the Lord)!

This brings us to Baptism. First, let me establish that baptism does not equal salvation. The moment you say ‘yes’ to Jesus and invite Him to be Lord over your life, you are saved. Baptism is the believer’s act of obedience, signifying their commitment to remain faithful to God – hence, putting a ring on it. Baptism is choosing to declare to our friends and family, “I love God, and I want to love him for the rest of my life, through good times and bad times”. It is the public declaration that I am His, and He is mine.

So, maybe you are wondering, why are these people going into the water? The act of going under the water represents us dying to the old self; old way of life. Coming out of the water, signifies being resurrected in Christ as a new creation! We, believers who have also been baptized, look on and are reminded of our commitment to Christ on our own baptism day. This is truly a significant and blessed act of obedience that Christ led the way for us to follow. May you, the readers be blessed as witnesses too.

“We were therefore buried with him through baptism into death in order that, just as  Christ was raised from the dead through the glory of the Father, we too may live a new life.” – Romans 6:4

“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come.” – 2 Cor 5:17

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By sister Clarine Tan