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Is My Thinking in Line with God’s Way?

By 22 February 2014September 26th, 2017No Comments

That day, after a therapy session with a 12-year old student, I was appalled at how greatly students are influenced by the media such as YouTube, movies, TV programs, books, magazines and secular songs, and their hold on us. The visual images, words and lyrics can be deeply lodged in one’s heart and mind. On another note, in the context of a school, teachers and peers are also persons of influence too and have to exercise their influence wisely.

Figures of influence in our lives are necessary. They mentor, guide, support, counsel, teach and open doors to our growth as a person. Worldly influences however good and positive they are, even if God can use them, can never be compared to the Word of God which is our ultimate light and guiding path.

As I examined my own life, my heart was assured and found great delight to know the answer is in grounding oneself in the unchanging WORD. The LIVING WORD (TRUTH) prevents us from being squeezed into the mold of these influences if they are negative and to help us determine what is right and wrong. God’s Word is the light unto our path and we can get life’s directions from Him.

I would like to share some examples of where some influences can lead us to go off truth’s centre if we embrace these thoughts:

Our thinking says: Things will make me happy because having things in abundance proves I am fulfilled, successful and blessed.
Consider what God’s Word in Luke 12:15 & Eph 1:3 says.

Our thinking says: My spouse is not meeting my needs. I can seek love and a better relationship elsewhere.
Consider what God’s Word in Heb 13:4 says.

Our thinking says: Because God loves me, He won’t allow me to suffer.
Consider what God’s Word in Rom 8:35-37 says.

Our thinking says: If certain challenges were to come into my life, I know I won’t be able to handle them.
Consider what 1 Cor 10:13 & Phil 4:13 says.

Our thinking says: Now that I’m saved, I’m safe and on my way to heaven. I can live any way I want.
Consider what God’s Word in Matt 7:19 says.

The list of examples can go on but my point is we need to keep our thoughts pure and focused on Christ and not on what the world teaches or what we personally desire; then only can we be transformed by the renewing of our mind. And the only way to renew our mind is to get into the Bible and meditate upon it day and night. Let us esteem God’s Word as more precious than the physical food we eat – because it is! It is our bread of life and the light of our path! (Rom 12:2; Ps 119:9,11)

By Pauline Mok, Deaconness (YCKC Bulletin 22&23 February 2014)