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Intercede For Your Loved Ones’ Salvation

By 25 June 2022June 28th, 2022No Comments

Let us first and foremost intercede for our loved ones’ salvation as disciples of the Lord. We are to reach out to the lost with the Gospel. Before we reach out to the world, let us ensure that our loved ones are saved. We need to pray regularly for them who are still outside the Kingdom of God. Who is going to pray for their salvation if we do not?

Let me briefly share the salvation stories of two of my loved ones. Firstly, my mother. I was the first to be baptised in my family, followed by six others. We prayed for my mother’s salvation. Twenty years after my baptism, my mother received the Lord Jesus as her Saviour. She saw the change in her children (those of us who were baptised) and on her own accord she said that she wanted to be a Christian. She asked us to remove all the idols from her home. She even asked me to teach her how to pray. Hallelujah!

Secondly, my elder brother. He served as a medium and temple priest. When I first told him about Jesus, he got angry. He told me, “This is the last time you are to share Jesus with me!” He rejected the Lord. Again we prayed to the Lord for his salvation. Thirteen years later, he developed Stage 4 cancer and accepted the Lord.  In his helplessness and desperation, he turned to the Lord. My eldest sister shared the scriptures with him daily. I had the joy of sharing God’s Word with him when I visited him in Penang during the June and December holidays before the Lord took him home. Hallelujah! All Glory to the Lord!

Brothers and sisters, do not be discouraged. Press on! Keep sharing. And as his disciples, keep praying for your loved ones’ salvation. It does not matter how long it takes for them to respond to the Lord. Leave the outcome to the Lord. He wants all our loved ones to come to know Him and be saved. The Lord is preparing a grand reunion for all of us in heaven. Let us continue to invite all our loved ones into the Kingdom of God.

“And those who are wise shall shine like the brightness of the sky above; and those who turn many to righteousness, like the stars forever and ever.”  Daniel 12:3

By brother S Visu