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By 17 January 2021February 3rd, 2021No Comments

In December 2019 when my family gathered together, one of the things that I shared with them was that I wanted to help one person walk more closely with God in 2020. As the year unfolded, the situation around me got more chaotic, everyone braced themselves as God allowed COVID-19 to unleash its wrath on mankind. I thought to myself that there would be at least one person who would be interested in walking closely with God.

In my workplace, safe distancing measures and wearing of masks were implemented. Adjusting to the new normal in engaging others, became more challenging. The Circuit Breaker allowed Zoom sessions and phone calls. However, not being able to meet others face to face seemed to remove the personal touch.

In the midst of all this, a new colleague was posted to my new workplace. She started to share about her personal encounters with God but I thought to myself, it would be wiser for a sister in Christ to walk alongside her. However, the staff in the affiliated church at my workplace were only able to be engaged over the phone. So, I kept a listening ear and provided practical help for her transition into a new environment together with my other colleagues. 

As the Circuit Breaker ended, there was a new possibility of meeting someone who seemed interested in journeying together because of the challenges he was facing. However, after meeting him for two or three sessions, it became clear that his interest did not lie in understanding the promises of what the Scriptures had for him. I wished him well and we went on our own separate ways. 

As 2020 ended, it appeared to be that I had not achieved my goal. 

However, it was also important what I learnt during the process. I reflected and wondered if my desire was not strong enough or if the intentionality was not really there or did I not seek out others more or was my idea of walking a spiritual journey together with another person a very narrow one? 

To be honest, there was a part of me that resisted new routines and was not adventurous enough to embrace the unknown. What then was the level of my desire to engage in another person’s life more closely? As I look back, I am certain that God allowed me to work with people in other ways but I was left unsatisfied, for not being able to find that one person with whom I could journey spiritually for a season. 

I also reflected on the soil of my heart from the parable of the sower (Luke 8: 4 – 15). As God’s seed fell on my heart, did it land on the footpath, rocky soil, thorns, or good soil? I need to be wary that the cares and worries of life and the pleasures of it do not choke this seed. I need to nurture the seed and allow it to grow to its fullest potential.

My family met again on the last day of 2020 to discuss how we were affected by the year. I shared with them that for 2021, I would once again like to be more intentional in looking for opportunities to journey alongside another brother. 

By Brother Joey Hong