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“If You Love Me, Feed My Sheep.” John 21:15-19

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Do you have a pastoral calling?

Dearly beloved Brothers and Sisters

All thanks and praise are due to our Chief Shepherd Jesus Christ for planting our faith community at Yio Chu Kang Chapel 62 years ago, and for leading us to be a professing and purposeful local church.

Over the years the Lord has raised various brothers and sisters to serve Him in our pastoral team (PT),  led by an Elder designated as lead pastor. We thank God that He has always provided His best servant leaders in our PT. As coordinator of the ministries of the church, the PT

  • oversees the work of ministry departments
  • cares pastorally for church members through pastoral visits
  • facilitates the intentional disciple-making process of the church
  • teaches and equips church members for service while all of us do the work of ministry.

By God’s grace, the present PT has good gift-mix and age range. Our PT members have worked well together, and are good stewards of the vision and mission God has given to the church.

In the coming years, there will be some PT members preparing for retirement or re-deployment for cross-cultural missions. As such, and in anticipation of the next season of our church’s journey, the Board of Elders is waiting upon the Lord for new / additional members of the PT. The key requirements for servant leaders would be

  • faithfulness
  • availability and
  • teachability.

We also desire that PT candidates should be spiritually mature and already engaged in service and ministry.

If you feel that God has placed a burden of pastoring / shepherding upon you, it may be a vocational call.

Do consider responding to this invitation and approach any of the Elders so that we may journey with you in prayer and decision-making.

Likewise, if you know of suitable Christians who are available and seeking an avenue of ministry, do suggest to them that they write in.

As you may know, YCK Chapel has some programmes to provide pastoral ministry exposure to our members:

  • Interns: Pastoral Internship Programme (6 months to 1 year)
  • Contract: Pastoral Staff Contract (1 year, for non-members)
  • Study: Scholarship to study at a seminary (full/ part-time)

We are thankful to the Lord for all vocational and bi-vocational servant leaders in our local church. When our Master returns, may we all be found faithfully living and working for Him (Colossians 3:23-24).

By Aaron Lee, Chairman & Elder (YCKC Bulletin 26&27 August 2017)
Pastoral Search Committee