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I Am in Good Hands

By 10 February 2013September 26th, 2017No Comments

Nowadays, whenever people ask me how I am, I reply, “I’m in good hands.” Why? Because I am in God’s good hands! Hallelujah! It doesn’t matter whether I am having a good day or not, whether I am in good health or not, whether I am in a sound financial situation or not, whether my children or grandchildren are doing well in school or not, whether I am rejoicing or grieving. I am in His good hands! How do I know? Because the Bible tells me so, and I have experienced it in my life. Read Romans 8:28-39.

As today is the first day of the Lunar New Year, I urge all Christians to believe that we are in God’s good hands and testify to the Lord’s goodness when we meet our relatives and friends. From my experience, whenever I meet my relatives and friends, especially during the Lunar New Year, they will talk about children’s education, health issues, investment opportunities, forgotten relatives or long-lost friends, what our Government should or should not do, and so on. As a Christian who is in God’s good hands, I will talk about God’s blessings in my life, i.e. testify to His goodness.  At first, I was rather apprehensive about bringing Jesus into my conversation. But the Lord asked me why was I ashamed of Him and His Gospel. So I prayed for boldness and faithfulness, and started to share my testimonies. This gives me the opportunity to witness for Christ. It doesn’t matter if I am planting the seed or watering it or harvesting it. It is God who makes things grow and He gets the glory. Read 1 Corinthians 3:6-9.  Below are some testimonies.

An old uncle of mine came to know the Lord at the age of 88 – six months before he died. He was a free thinker and it took a number of years of faithful prayers, and planting and watering the seed by his Christian daughter and other believers like us before we saw the harvest. His wife came to know the Lord later.

An old aunt came to know the Lord in the year she died. She was deep in Chinese folk religion. Her house was full of idols devoted to the various deities. Before I visited her, I had to pray for the opening of my aunt’s heart and ears to God’s Word and our testimonies, and protection for my family. Otherwise, there would be distractions and spiritual attacks. Again, it took a number of years of prayers, and planting and watering the seed by her Christian daughter and other believers like us before she became a believer.

Not all witnessing ended with people receiving Christ. Another old aunt of mine died without receiving Christ (at least from what I learned from her family) despite the number of years of prayers and witnessing. Although she was entrenched in Chinese folk religion, she was curious about other religions. In fact, whenever I visited her, she would ask me to share my Christian faith with her. I planted the seed and watered it many times. But it is not for me to say who should be saved or who should not. It is God who makes things grow. But this I know – we believers are called to be faithful in our witness and discipleship. We leave the results to God.

So this Lunar New Year, I urge all believers to seize every opportunity to testify to God’s faithfulness and goodness, and this includes sharing His great salvation that came through our Lord Jesus Christ. For as believers, we are indeed in His good hands all the time! Let the world know about it so that they too may know Him and be in His good hands.

Have a good and fruitful Lunar New Year!

– by Mr Lim Han Soon, YCKC bulletin, 10 Feb 2013