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Growing Old Gracefully

By 31 July 2020No Comments

Do you have pre-believing friends, family members or relatives age 60 & above?

Let’s invite them to hear of the hope that awaits us in Christ Jesus!

To register, email
For more information contact 9272 7655

Coffee with Jesus

| Jan Choo, • Timely Word • | No Comments
I had a cup of kopi with Jesus at the airport last week. Neither of us was rushing to fly off anywhere; we simply had an unhurried conversation seated at…


| Josephine Yue, • Timely Word • | No Comments
A few decades ago, God put me in a Youth Fellowship where I could grow with other youths in my discipleship journey. I remembered having to meet our Youth Advisor…

Disciple-Making as Imitation

| Adrian Ow, • Timely Word • | No Comments
What comes to your mind when you think of discipleship and disciple-making? In last week’s sermon, it was made clear that disciple-making is not meant to be seen as a…
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