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What precautions are we taking for our services and ministries?
In accordance with MOH guidelines, we are doing temperature screening and also health and travel declaration for all those entering the church. Advisories have been put up around the church and sent out to church members. Our healthcare workers who are on the frontlines (being directly involved in caring for the COVID-19 patients) are following MOH’s guidelines and have been staying away from church service and gatherings during this time. We have also stepped up cleaning of the common areas in the church.

What are we doing to prevent cross-contamination when we pass the Holy Communion wafers and cups around?
The church is ordering individually-packed Holy Communion sets, but due to high demand, stock has not arrived yet. In the meantime, we try to minimise risks by making sure our Holy Communion preparers and servers who have more extended exposure to the Holy Communion elements are wearing masks and gloves. Know that we can only minimise but not eradicate risks.

Does the church have enough masks and sanitisers?
Yes we do.

Can I wear my mask in church?
As of today, MOH’s advisory is that only those who are sick need to wear a mask. However, those who are sick should remain at home and not come to church! All said, it is perfectly fine if you feel more comfortable wearing a mask in church as a precautionary measure. We encourage our seniors to do so too.

Is the church considering live-streaming our worship services?
The leaders deliberated over this and felt that live-streaming is not an adequate way to carry out the biblical exhortation in Hebrews 10:24-25. Live-streaming, being unidirectional, does not allow the aspect of “one-anothering” to take place.

If we cannot meet for worship in a large group, we prefer to use a house-church model” whereby we are able to meet in smaller groups to worship, break bread and pray together, to encourage one another and also to reach out together. If gathering in small groups is not possible, we are also open for us to meet virtually in smaller groups using video conferencing or social media platforms.

What will the house church model be like?
If we cannot meet for worship in a large group, we will have our weekly worship in our PAGE Small Groups.

  • All PAGE Small Groups will meet weekly on Saturday or Sunday.
  • Some will meet in homes, some will meet in church. For those who will meet in church, we will ensure only a maximum of 3 Small Groups will be allowed to meet concurrently at three different rooms.
  • We will only allow a maximum of 20 people per Small Group.
  • The Small Groups will have a time of worship in singing, prayer, breaking of bread, offertory, watching a recorded sermon and responding in prayer.
  • Temperature and attendance will be taken in these Small Groups.
  • A list of “house churches” (area, date and time) will be placed on church notice boards and social media platforms.
  • For those who are not in any Small Groups, they can contact the church office hotline to inquire about the nearest SG meeting place.

Midsize Groups:

  • Children, Youth and Young Adult midsize groups will be suspended. All children and youth will follow their parents to their Small Groups. Young adults will meet in their Small Groups.
  • Palm Green Fellowship will meet in their smaller groups on a weekly basis.
  • Filipino, Indonesian and Tamil Fellowships may continue meeting as small groups, depending on their members’ circumstances.

When will we initiate the “house church model”?
We are referring to the MOH’s guidelines. At the moment, MOH has not imposed restrictions on large group meetings. It only suggests deferring non-essential large-scale events and, if meeting, doing the necessary precautionary measures like temperature taking and travel declaration. Nevertheless, the leaders are studying the situation on a daily basis and may initiate the house church model if needed, even if DORSCON level remains at ORANGE.

What happens if there is a confirmed case among our congregants?
In line with MOH’s advisory, the church will cease all activities and services for 14 days. Members are not to come to church. We will suspend all gatherings, including Small Groups, for at least 14 days. The church office will assist MOH in contact tracing. If you are contacted by MOH, please comply with the instructions given. If you are not contacted by MOH, please carry on life as usual. However, please do see a doctor immediately if you feel unwell.

We will seek electronic means (web conferencing, video chats, chatgroups) to meet virtually for encouragement. Please tune in to the church’s social media platforms (WhatsApp and Facebook). Pastoral staff and SGLs will also make phone calls to keep in touch with those who do not use electronic means of communication.

How are we taking care of our church office?
The church office is operationalising our ministry continuity plan.

  • The staff team (pastoral, admin and BCS) has been grouped into Team A and Team B and are working
    in separate locations.
  • Temperature is taken twice daily. We have a log book for any visitors entering our church office. We are liaising with Charis Montessori to ensure proper sanitisation is done for all the Charis rooms.
  • We have also stepped up cleaning of the common areas in the church.
  • The staff team has been familiarising themselves with using video conferencing platforms for meetings and appointments.