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Experiencing Christ as we journey with one another

By 23 September 2022No Comments

Discipleship and Mission are not far from us. Reflecting on some of the tools YCKC has adopted to facilitate discipleship and missional outreach, I have found them meaningful and impactful in my life.

  • Life on Life (LOL) Bible study

I‘m going through a LOL Bible study on a New Testament book as well as The Habits of Grace with some brothers. The regular fortnightly LOL meetings draw us closer to His Word and the lives of His   people. We get to know the person and what’s going on in their life better. Besides gaining a deeper understanding of Scripture and its teachings, we  are more aware of what happens to one another and    our families. Be it joys or challenges, we have the opportunity to speak into one another’s lives. It becomes a habit for me to uphold each brother and their family in my daily prayers or whenever I’m thinking of them. It’s thus an easy duty for me to love my church body in Christ.

Accountability is formed as we deliberately set aside a time in our busy schedules for Bible study. Knowing there are others waiting to meet me this evening / morning for a meaningful spiritual time, I won’t easily escape from the session or make it less meaningful. I must make good use of time to study and attend.

Eventually the LOL sessions become significant in our weekly life: They’re the gas stations to top-up our spiritual fuel, besides daily quiet time, Sunday worship and SGC.

On a personal level, these brothers are easily the go-to persons to share our joys and sorrows. It’s a channel for us to support each other as we have Christ in our midst (Matt 18:19-20).

  • Neighbourhood visitation (NV)

NV is a regular event for church members now. But initially I was not motivated. I imagined walking the HDB block floor by floor on a weekend afternoon, when I could have a good nap or movie to chill with; speaking to strangers who either don’t want to open the door or are ready to shut it once I finish my sentence. It’s very uncomfortable for most of us. However I’ve found that as more and more SGC members attend, we’re more organized and intentional to make it a church event. The conversations become more interesting and meaningful when our children  are knocking on the doors and distributing gifts. We’re no longer treated as a “salesperson” but fellow neighbours!

When the door is open, what we share is more than a material blessing but goodwill from the Divine God. We’re merely a channel. Once a friendly relationship is formed as we regularly visit the same folks, the sharing of life and faith is much more natural. Be it successful or not, we’re performing a task required in Matt 28:18-20, and what we experience is profound: Jesus is with us. As our children join us, discipleship is happening too. How we mingle with strangers and how we emphasize the importance of mission at the doorstep, is also moulding our youngsters.

Besides LOL and NV, pre-marriage courses, family life ministry, children ministry and BCS volunteering are many platforms we can join to be blessed and to bless others. May each of us experience Christ as we journey with one another.

by brother Simon Zhang