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Essentials for Survival

By 10 August 2022August 18th, 2022No Comments

Do you know of friends and family members who are interested to explore and learn more about the Christian faith?

Invite them for this course as they discover more about God’s assurances, salvation, the answered prayer of god’s promises of victory, forgiveness, and guidance in our lives.

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The Grain, the Speck and the Log

| Amy Ong, • Timely Word • | No Comments
I do not know how it got in as my spectacles are quite big, but something landed on my left eye. It was not painful but I could feel something…

If God is loving, why does He punish us?

| Adrian Ow, • Sermon • | No Comments
SCRIPTURE: Habakkuk 3 SERIES: Life Question SPEAKER: Adrian Ow

He is with us on the hardest path

| Shem Khoo, • Timely Word • | No Comments
The idea of a farm stay holiday has long appealed to me – that is until the day I visited a farm myself. As an urbanite unaccustomed to farm life,…
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