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Devotion to Christ

Faith Discovery Series

  • A friendly environment to learn more about the Christian faith. These sessions can be held on demand, in a small group or one-to-one setting. Christianity Explored, Essentials for Survival are examples of these series. Who is it for? Seekers and new believers who want to know more about the Christian faith.

Foundation of Christian Life Series

  • Discipleship series to help believers grasp important foundations about the Christian life and discipleship, and learn how to have a regular devotional time with God. Build Your Core, Living under Christ’s Lordship are examples of such series. Who is it for? New or for believer who have not been through a Foundation of Christian Life course.

Life-On-Life Bible Studies

  • For members who prefer one to one study instead of a group setting. To provide a Guide for members who struggle with certain books of the Bible and need support for knowledge, understanding and application. Who is it for? For all believers seeking to be grounded in the Word.

Grasping God’s Word Workshop

  • This equipping workshop is where believers get “hands-on” with Bible interpretation (covering various genres in Scripture) and applying God’s Word in their life. These sessions are held on demand, in a small group or one-to-one setting.  Who is it for? This is for believers who seek to grow in interpreting and meditating on God’s Word.


  • To be baptised is part of a believer’s journey in obedience to Christ (Matt 28:18-19). Baptism is also part of the believer’s journey to identify with the body of Christ (1 Cor 12:13).  Who is it for?  YCK Chapel consists of six lessons to prepare believers  who are seeking to be baptised into Christ and to be identified with YCK Chapel. Classes are usually held in Mar-Apr and Sept-Oct periods. Baptism/ Membership forms are available at the Reception Table. 

Life-On-Life Mentoring

  • Small Group Leaders and Core Team Members will have a Life-on-Life mentor to provide Spiritual support and prayer.

Family Life Discipleship

  • Discipleship support ministry for couples looking to get married, married couples and parents to come together to discuss issues and challenges related to marriage and/or parenting.
  • Pre-Marital mentoring (on demand –for courting couples) 
  • Parents-Journeying-with-Parents (PJP) groups where Parents support other Parents and strengthen Discipleship@Home.

Gender-specific ministries

  • Sisters’ Prayer Ministry – meets alternate month by Zoom for devotion an prayer together to support each other in our spiritual life.

Annual Berean Talk

  • The Berean Series is aimed to help church members grow in biblical and theological literacy. There will be different topics offered every year. 
  • Who is it for? For all believers who seek to be grounded in faith and theology.

The Heart’s Journey Discipleship Course

  • Do you struggle to relate with God?  Do you struggle to relate with your spouse, family members or church members? Have you experienced trauma, betrayal, pain, or hurts in the past? Do you wrestle with some repeated thought patterns? Are you battling with unhealthy habits or addictions? We all are broken one way or the other. We all struggle with some form of woundedness in our lives. This course is an intentional effort to set aside time to consider our fallen nature and nurture and seek God for spiritual breakthroughs in our lives. 
  • Who is it for? For all believers.