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Courses in YCK Chapel to help you pursue Devotion to Christ’s Mandate:

Pray for the Lost

  • Reaching the lost is the heartbeat of God. In Small Groups, we pray for the lost in our personal harvest field regularly. As a church, we pray for world missions, the persecuted church, the lost and our community outreach efforts as our commitment to the Great Commission. 

Walk Alongside A Seeker Equipping

  • This equipping workshop comprises 1-2 sessions whereby participants are taught the way of walking alongside a seeker. It aims to help participants understand why, what and how to minister to seekers effectively. Who is it for? For believers wanting to reach out to their friends and walk-in visitors.

Life-on-Life Bible Studies Equipping

  • To help mature members learn how to conduct a Life-on-Life bible study with another member. Who is it for? For all believers.

Serve in Faith Discovery & Foundation of Christian Life Series

  • Invite your friends to the Faith Discovery Series. Avail yourselves to serve in Faith Discovery Series (e.g. Christianity Explored). We will need facilitators and helpers to follow up with the participants. Who is it for? For all believers.

Life-on-Life Disciple-Making Conversations

  • YCK Chapel is passionate about Life-on-Life disciple-making. We encourage mature members to avail themselves to walk alongside other believers and to help them grow in their faith journey. It is a time to gather all Disciple-Makers for refresher and Conversations.

Participate in Outreach Initiatives

  • Invite your friends to attend evangelistic services like Easter and Christmas rallies. Avail yourself to serve in committee planning for these services.
  • Join a Small Group and participate as a SG in missional initiatives, gospel outreaches and church’s community outreach programmes. 
  • Be a Facilitator or Co-Facilitator for Seekers’ Discipleship Programmes

Volunteer at Bless Community Services

  • Bless Community Services (BCS) is our church’s community outreach arm. It is established to show Christian love to the community around the church. BCS has different services set up that need volunteers to act as befrienders, e.g. Legal Clinic, Community Talks,Friends & Neighbor Meals, Active Ageing programmes, Youth mentoring programmes, Neighbourhood Visitation and S3P@YCKCHAPEL shelter for the homeless. 
  • Who is it for? For all believers.