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Courses in YCK Chapel to help you pursue Devotion to Christ’s Body:

Church Membership

  • The Baptism/Membership class in YCK Chapel consists of 6 lessons to prepare believers who are seeking to be baptised into Christ and/or to be identified with YCK Chapel. Classes are usually held in Mar-Apr and Sept-Oct periods. Baptism/ Membership forms are available at the Reception Table.

Walk Alongside A Believer

  • This equipping workshop comprises 1-2 sessions where participants are taught the way of walking alongside a seeker or a new believer. It aims to help participants understand the why, what and how to minister to believers effectively. 
  • Who is it for? This is for believers who want to help seekers or new believers grow in their faith.

Small Groups

  • YCK Chapel is a church with Small Groups that seek to live out our mission as a disciple-making community of authentic, intentional and missional disciples. In Small Groups, members can support each other’s discipleship journey. Members can help each other grow in their spiritual love disciplines. 

Midsize Groups

  • These are discipleship and fellowship environments based on life stages or people groups:  Children Ministry, Youth Ministry, Young Adults Ministry, Palm Green Fellowship (Seniors), Indonesian Ladies Fellowship, Filipino/Myanmar Ladies Fellowship (English), Tamil Fellowship. 
  • To join a Mid Size Group, please contact the church office. 

SHAPE for Service Workshop

  • God has given each of us gifts from His great variety of spiritual gifts. Let us use them to serve the body of Christ. Get to know how God has shaped you for His service. Your personality, life experiences, passion, gifting and abilities are God’s means to equip you for the work of the ministry. This workshop is conducted as a means to help activate you to serve purposefully in the body of Christ. 
  • Who is it for? All believers.

Life-on-Life Disciple-Making Conversations

  • YCK Chapel is passionate about Life-on-Life disciple-making. We encourage mature members to avail themselves to walk alongside other believers and to help them grow in their faith journey. It is a time to gather all Disciple-Makers for refresher and Conversation.

Church Family Time

  • This is a time when we gather as a church to receive updates about church direction and ministries and to address any special concerns. It is a communication time between the leaders and the members. It is also a time for resonance. We usually have CFT twice a year (Feb, Nov). 
  • Who is this for? We encourage all members and regular visitors to join us.