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Board of Deacons

Board Role
Ministry Leadership
Mr Samuel Lin
Deacon Board Chairman
- Youth
- Young Adults
- Community Outreach
Mr Jan Choo
Cross Cultural Missions
Mr Lim Sheng Chin
Church Registrar
Mr Shem Khoo
Building Management
Mr Anton Teng
Worship & AV
Mr James Chia
Worship & AV
Mr Simon Koh
Worship & AV
Ms Melody Chen
Mr Keith Chui
Welcome: Ushering
Ms Serin Chng
- Welcome & Hospitality
- Discipleship & Disciplemaking
- Baptism & Membership
- Family Life: Discipleship@Home
Ms Clarine Tan
- Children
- Media
Other Ministry Leaders:
Mr Vincent Lim
Palm Green Fellowship (Seniors)