Church Calendar


September 2022


Pulpit Schedule

DatePulpit Title/PassagePassagePulpit Series
18 Sept 2022Theology of Worship IITopicalTopical
11 Sept 2022The Redeeming Love of GodHos 2:14-3:5Hosea Series
4 Sept 2022The Holy Love of God Part 2Hos 2:2-13Hosea Series
28 Aug 2022The Holy Love of GodHos 2:2-13Hosea Series
21 Aug 2022The Covenantal Love of God Part 2Hos 1:1-11Hosea Series
14 Aug 2022Theology of WorshipTopicalTopical
7 Aug 2022The Covenantal Love of GodHos 1:1-11Hosea Series
31 Jul 2022The Disciple-making MandateChurch 2.0
24 Jul 2022The Hospitality MandateChurch 2.0
17 Jul 2022Every Member Ministry MandateChurch 2.0
10 Jul 2022The One – Anothering MandateChurch 2.0
3 Jul 2022The Post COVID churchChurch 2.0
26 Jun 2022Why Choose Life?Gods Design
19 Jun 2022Did God Actually Say that about Gender?Gods Design
12 Jun 2022Is Purity Possible?Gods Design
5 Jun 2022The Return of Christ : How shall we then live?2 Pet 3:10-181st & 2nd Peter
29 May 2022The Return of Christ: The Patience of God2 Pet 3:1-101st & 2nd Peter
22 May 2022False prophets: Judgement and Salvation2 Pet 2:1-221st & 2nd Peter
15 May 2022False prophets: Characteristics2 Pet 2:1-221st & 2nd Peter
8 May 2022Truth or Myth?2 Pet 1:16-211st & 2nd Peter
1 May 2022Growing in Godliness2 Pet 1:1-151st & 2nd Peter
24 Apr 2022Radical DiscipleshipLuk 9:57-62Radical Discipleship
17 Apr 2022Resurrection PowerPhi 3:7-11Special Event
15 Apr 2022We Call This Day “GOOD FRIDAY”Special Event
10 Apr 2022What has God’s Grace got to do with Suffering?1 Pet 5:12-141st & 2nd Peter
3 Apr 2022Suffering before God and in the face of the devil!1 Pet 5:8-111st & 2nd Peter
27 Mar 2022The Essence of Shepherding1 Pet 5:1-71st & 2nd Peter
20 Mar 2022Suffering for the Sake of Christ, Living with a view of Eternity1 Pet 4:1-191st & 2nd Peter
13 Mar 2022Suffering for Doing Good and Living for God1 Pet 3:8-221st & 2nd Peter
6 Mar 2022Being Comfortable with Being UnComfortableChurch 2.0
27 Feb 2022How Hope in God can Transform our Families1 Pet 3:1-71st & 2nd Peter
20 Feb 2022Suffering Injustice At Work1 Pet 2:18-251st & 2nd Peter
13 Feb 2022Honouring Governing Authorities1 Pet 2:13-171st & 2nd Peter
6 Feb 2022What can Stones and Priests Teach us in our Journey of Faithfulness?1 Pet 2:4-10,121st & 2nd Peter
30 Jan 2022What can Children and Sojourners Teach us in our Journey of Faithfulness?1 Pet 1:13-2:3,111st & 2nd Peter
23 Jan 2022Praise God For A Living Hope1 Pet 1:3-121st & 2nd Peter
16 Jan 2022A Message To God’s Chosen Ones1 Pet 1:1-21st & 2nd Peter
9 Jan 2022Intro & Reading of 1st Peter1st Peter1st & 2nd Peter
2 Jan 2022Habits for the Brave New WorldMatt 5:14-16Intentionality
26 Dec 2021Year End Thanksgiving – How can I say Thanks?
19 Dec 2021Spiritual Gifts for the Common Good1 Cor 12; 1 Pet 4:10
12 Dec 2021Commitments of an Authentic CommunityCol 3:5-17Authentic Community
5 Dec 2021Calming the Anxious HeartAuthentic Community
28 Nov 2021Brokenness & VulnerabilityAuthentic Community
21 Nov 2021Power of the PastAuthentic Community
14 Nov 2021What Lies BeneathAuthentic Community
7 Nov 2021The Unity of the ChurchWhat is the Church?
31 Oct 2021The Mission of the Church (Practicing Biblical Hospitality)What is the Church?
24 Oct 2021The Mission of the Church (Cross Cultural)What is the Church?
17 Oct 2021The Mission of the Church (Community Outreach)What is the Church?
10 Oct 2021The Way of the ChurchActs 2:42-46What is the Church?
3 Oct 2021The Mystery of the ChurchPet 2:9-12What is the Church?
26 Sept 2021How Should We Wield The Power Of Prayer?Jam 5:12-20Authentic Faith
19 Sept 2021How Should We Live Waiting For Jesus?Jam 5:7-11Authentic Faith
12 Sept 2021Will All Rich Christians Face God’s Judgement?Jam 5:1-6Authentic Faith
5 Sept 2021How can we be Single-Minded in Christ?Jam 4:1-17Authentic Faith
29 Aug 2021What is Wisdom and How Do I Get It?Jam 3:13 -18Authentic Faith
22 Aug 2021Why is the Tongue So Hard to Tame?Jam 3:1-12Authentic Faith
15 Aug 2021How Does Faith Work?Jam 2:14-26Authentic Faith
8 Aug 2021Whom Would Jesus Prefer?Jam 2:1-13Authentic Faith
1 Aug 2021How Real is Your Religion?Jam 1:19 – 27Authentic Faith
25 Jul 2021What Can We Learn from Trials in Life?Jam 1:1-18Authentic Faith
18 Jul 2021Reading of The Letter of JamesJamesAuthentic Faith
11 Jul 2021Gospel and Creation CarePsa 19Gospel
4 Jul 2021Gospel and the HomelessGospel
27 Jun 2021Gospel and Marriage – What Marriage CelebratesGospel
20 Jun 2021Gospel and Singleness – What Singleness CelebratesGospel
13 Jun 2021Gospel and Gender (Part 2)1 Cor 11:2-16 & 1 Tim 2:8-15Gospel
6 Jun 2021Gospel and Gender (Part 1)Gen 1-3Gospel
30 May 2021Disability and the GospelGospel
23 May 2021A Song in the Night: Coping with Depressive ThoughtsPsa 42Gospel
16 May 2021Church at the Threshing Floor
9 May 2021What truly is an Authentic Life?Eccl 11:7 –12:14Authentic Life
2 May 2021How Should We Deal With Life’s Lemons and Roses?Eccl 10:16-11:7Authentic Life
25 Apr 2021What’s the Use of Wisdom?Eccl 9:13 – 10:15Authentic Life
18 Apr 2021How, then, shall we live knowing that Death comes to all?Eccl 9:1-12Authentic Life
11 Apr 2021Can we Comprehend All of God’s Ways?Eccl 8:1-17Authentic Life
2 Apr 2021Good Friday Remembrance Service 2021
28 Mar 2021What lies in the heart of every Man and Woman?Eccl 7:15-29Authentic Life
21 Mar 2021How can we handle life’s adversities and uncertainties?Eccl 7:1-14Authentic Life
14 Mar 2021Can money buy true happiness?Eccl 5:8-6:12Authentic Life
7 Mar 2021How can we approach God?Eccl 5:1-7Authentic Life
28 Feb 2021What philosophies guide justice and governance?Eccl 4:4-16Authentic Life
21 Feb 2021What philosophies guide our outlook in life?Eccl 3:16-4:3Authentic Life
14 Feb 2021Will we time-bound creatures find Satisfaction in life?Eccl 3:1-15Authentic Life
7 Feb 2021Will we find satisfaction from all that this world offers?Eccl 1:12-2:26Authentic Life
31 Jan 2021Will we ever find life’s meaning?Eccl 1:1-11Authentic Life
24 Jan 2021Intro and Reading EcclesiastesEccl 1:1Authentic Life
17 Jan 2021We are Ambassadors for Christ2 Cor 5:14-21Intentionality
10 Jan 2021We are the Family of Christ
3 Jan 2021We are Disciples of Christ2 Tim 3:10-14a