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Church as a Safe Place

We desire to be a safe and authentic community whereby all can “come-as-they-are”. Nobody needs to put on a facade or wear a mask. We embrace each other as God’s workmanship that is still work-in-progress. We desire to witness God’s redemptive work in each other’s lives.

We welcome and receive all who are struggling with a broken self, relational wound, hidden shame, or sexual brokenness to experience forgiveness, freedom, redemption, restoration and hope in Christ in the body of Christ at YCK Chapel. Members are encouraged to come forward to seek help and support with regards to their struggle with brokenness and against sin. We have support ministries like Women’s Prayer Ministry to minister to women who struggle with inner and relational wounds, and at-the-Cross support group for men struggling with sexual addictions (eg. pornography or masturbation) and/or their sexual identity.

In addition to the above, the church seeks to help her member feel safe with the following features:

1. Protection of Personal Information

We are committed to protecting the privacy of our members. Our Data Privacy Policy Statement is in compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) 2012.

2. Ethical Fences

We establish ethical fences to protect our members from danger of abuse. The Board of Elders, Deacons and Ministry Leaders abide to a written Code of Conduct based on biblical principles. This Code of Conduct governs the way a leader is expected to conduct himself/herself towards the members during pastoral counseling and ministry. The volunteers at our Children and Youth Ministries also abide to a contextualized Code of Conduct to keep our Children and Youth Ministries safe from verbal, physical or sexual abuses.

3. Safe Channels

We establish safe channels to allow members to report any ethical misconduct (eg sexual misconduct or abuse of power) committed by our members or leaders.  The church has a Whistle-blowing Policy and a written SOP to govern the way a complaint is being properly investigated. This SOP contains the church’s commitment to transparency and accountability, to abide to all legal and moral obligations, discipline and restore the offender and give utmost care to the victims.