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Christianity Explored

By 20 April 2021April 23rd, 2021No Comments

Do you ever wonder what life is really for? Do you have questions about the Christian faith?

Christianity Explored is a platform for participants to explore the life and teaching of Jesus through the Gospel of Mark. It helps us to understand who Jesus is, His aims, and what it means to follow Him. You will be given time and space to ask questions or you can just simply choose to listen.

The format: teaching, video, reading, questions and answers.

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For more information email serinchng@yckc.org.sg

Heeding God’s Cautionary Cries

| Stanley Leong, • Timely Word • | No Comments
“No!” and “Don’t!” are two words I catch myself saying to my son a lot more of in recent days. Since he started toddling and becoming more inquisitive and curious…

How Should We Deal With Life’s Lemons and Roses?

| Ong Kiat Hoe, • Sermon • | No Comments
SCRIPTURE: Ecclesiastes 10:16 – 11:7 SERIES: The Book of Ecclesiastes SPEAKER: Dr Ong Kiat Hoe

You are Cordially Invited

| Andrew Yap, • Timely Word • | No Comments
In Luke 14:15-24, Jesus told the story of an invitation to  a great banquet. That story has important lessons for everyone. Jesus is giving a warning to his listeners not…