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Christianity Explored

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Date: 23rd June to 25th August (7 sessions only) Course started!
Time:1pm – 3.30pm
Cost per pax: S$20 (inclusive of a course book and 7 lunches)

Who is this for?

  • Those wanting to investigate Christianity
  • Newcomers & new believers
  • Those who wants to learn the basics of Christianity so that they can follow up with others

Past Testimonies of the course:

The studies revealed to me new insights that I had not noticed in my previous readings of this book, as well as some misconceptions that I had. Aside from understanding more about the bible, we were also prompted to reflect on our own perceptions, and the stage of our faith. I felt very comfortable asking questions, which allowed me to clarify any doubts I had as I reflected on the chapters through the weeks.

Clara Quek

The programme laid firm foundations for my new life with Jesus Christ and I would recommend this for anyone who is exploring their faith
or would like to understand more about Christianity.

Yi Mian