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Calming the Anxious Heart

By 5 November 2021December 2nd, 2021No Comments
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The Humanity of Jesus

| Lam Yeen Lan, • Timely Word • | No Comments
It is the third Advent Sunday. I have been reflecting on the humanity of Jesus. The world celebrates Christmas, the birth of Jesus, with food, festive gifts and all kinds…

The Grain, the Speck and the Log

| Amy Ong, • Timely Word • | No Comments
I do not know how it got in as my spectacles are quite big, but something landed on my left eye. It was not painful but I could feel something…

If God is loving, why does He punish us?

| Adrian Ow, • Sermon • | No Comments
SCRIPTURE: Habakkuk 3 SERIES: Life Question SPEAKER: Adrian Ow
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