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Are you struggling with secret shame?
Are you struggling with pornography and/or masturbation?
Are you struggling with your sexual identity?

At-the-Cross gathering (atc) is a support group ministry for Christian men
who struggle with sexual addiction and/or sexual identity brokenness.

The ministry seeks to help men overcome secret shame,
experience God’s forgiveness and restorative power through prayer, confession, God’s word and community.

The atc support groups meets monthly and observes a six-month cycle.
There are two intakes per year: January and July.
atc has a group for leaders and pastors only.

Interested participants will have to register via email (see contact details below).
Registrants may be interviewed by our atc facilitators.

A community of authentic, whole and joy-filled persons.

To help men know God as their true and everlasting joy,
experience freedom through the transformative work of the Holy Spirit,
and become whole and authentic persons in Christ.

Core Beliefs:
The ministry embraces and celebrates God’s design for sexuality and marriage.
It affirms that God makes us male or female,
and that He intends marriage to be a life-long commitment made between a man and a woman.

The ministry acknowledges that all men are born sinners.
This means that we all possess a broken self, born with sinful inclination(s) within us.
In addition, this sinful world also draws us away from God’s design for living and relationships.

However, Christ’s redemptive work at the cross has saved us from the penalty and the power of sin.
In Christ, we can experience God’s forgiveness and His restorative power to make us whole again.
This wholeness includes sexual wholeness.

The ministry seeks to release men from shame and sexual bondages through the practice of confession
within a safe environment in order to appropriate God’s forgiveness and redemptive power in one’s life.

Core Values:
Compassion – Come as you are.
There is no comparison and condemnation.

Safety – Everything stays in the group.
The ministry will be a safe environment.

Authenticity – Being genuine and honest.
Nothing to hide. Open Confession.

Ownership – We don’t want to stay as we are.
Desire  for change, takes personal responsibility.

Contact Details:
atc support groups meet at Yio Chu Kang Chapel on weeknights.
For more enquiries, please contact